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On-grid solar systems

Off-grid solar systems

Hybrid solar systems

Solar water heater

Solar CCTV Camera

Solar Street Light

Solar Garden Light


Biogas Plant

EV Charging system

ON-Grid solar system

An on-grid solar system is one that works along with the grid; any excess or deficiency of power can be fed to the KSEB grid through net metering.

OFF-Grid solar system

Off-grid systems work independently of the grid but have batteries which can store the solar power generated by the system

Hybrid solar system

A hybrid solar system intelligently switches between using solar power, battery storage, and grid power. It allows you to avoid using grid power at peak prices, leading to bill savings.

Solar panels of international Quality: Micro Sun, Vikram, Waree, Panasonic, Kirloskar

Inverter and Battery of High efficiency and Quality : Luminous, Delta, SMA Inverter , Indigo Sun(copper)


( Sunstorm, Supreme products )

All our water heating systems come with world-class technology, including PUF-insulated High-Grade steel for inner tanks and powder-coated stainless steel for external tanks, which increases the lifespan and durability of the solar heaters.

Our Highlight is products from : Sun storm -supreme solar

Biogas Plant

We sell biogas kits fit for self-serviceable micro-feed fed-batch biogas plants, which are packed in a 6-inch x 20-inch x 20-inch case weighing 4 kg to 6 kg. All one requires is a HDPE tank, pipes, and local accessories to fix a biogas plant. This system is government-approved technology. The Biogas Kit contains a wall-mountable Flexible pillow-type biogas jacket of 120 x 150 cm, along with an inlet and outlet, a burner and hose, connectors, and safety systems.

Solar Garden light

Solar EV Charging

Solar Street lights

Solar CCTV Camera


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